Just gone crazy

Are there any holidays that, in your experience, are connected with carefree fun and merry-making?  What are they?  Write about a holiday, or a time, when you were inordinately silly.

During the summer i stayed at one of my friends houses for a little while. During this we went to swim in sea one day. The thing is that my friend brought a towel that was not white so you could not see the dirt. While he was swimming to get a ball that blew away pretty far i took the towel and i put sand and mud all over it. I also took his bike and drove off with it to his house to get a wrench to un screw the seat so that it was really low and hard to ride. By the time i came he was looking for me but i just told him that i went to the bathroom. He wiped him self with the towel and only noticed that it was full of sand when he sat on the low bike and his but started to hurt because the sand was scratching all of his skin. He also fell of the bike like 20 times and he still didnt notice that the bike seat was low until i told him when we arrived at his house. Hegot revenge on me by mixing milk that i put into my cereal the next day with soya sauce and other things that taseted nasty. To sound polite i didnt say anything. When he told me what he out into the milk i almost threw up. After i felt better i started to chase after him and i did get him but i didnt do anything to him.Nasty milk

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  1. I find this post interesting. One thing that i like and agree with is that you talk about what you did during the holiday and you have explained it quite clearly. I also like this post because it is enjoyable to read, and it also step by step information.

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